Advancing the quality of medical care has always been at the top of the agenda for healthcare providers. To that end, they need to have an established system of Health Information Technology (HIT) that allows the secure exchange of patient data between consumers and providers in such a way that the safety, quality, and accuracy of the medical records are accounted for. Assisting providers in delivering top-notch services with Meaningful Use (MU) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementation is TechLeaders Consulting (TLC), a company that provides quality-based management following NCQA requirements.

TLC enables practices from individual practitioners to larger hospitals networks to deliver primary care consistent with national standards.  Many of these programs are supported by federal grants so there is no fee for our services. TechLeaders Consulting (TLC) (established in 2001) is nationwide fast moving full service healthcare consulting firm. TLC is a leader in enabling health care practices, clinics and agencies to achieve Meaningful Use (MU) and receive the EHR Medicare/Medicaid Incentive. We have a comprehensive understanding of all of the Federal and State HITECH guidelines and EHR Incentive programs allowing your organization to make the correct decisions while implementing Meaningful Use. TLC offers a proven complete solution that assists your organization in every step involved with receiving your EHR Incentive and in meeting the MU objectives. TLC has worked with hundreds of organizations to get this funding TLC brings a unique balance of technology expertise with a pragmatic business understanding of the providers working environment.

TLC presently provides MU consulting services for hundreds of Eligible Professionals and large organisations in five states and is a certified New York MU Implementation and Practice Transformation Agent. We have a 100% success rate in bringing customers through the first Year of MU with extensive experience with all types of providers. This provides you with a combination of a technical and clinical team that assists you on all aspects of the process. Our organization consists of leading experts in HIT, MU and coordinated care with over ten years of Healthcare Information technology experience. Members of our executive team are board members of several community health centers so we have a provider perspective associated with implications of implementing MU. We also have worked with over fifteen different EMR systems while implementing MU.


"We partner with NY eHealth Collaborative as state agents"





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