Meaningful Use

TechLeaders Consulting (TLC) is a leader in enabling health care practices, clinics and agencies to achieve Meaningful Use (MU), MACRA/MIPS and receive the EHR Medicare/Medicaid Incentive. We have a comprehensive understanding of all Federal and State HITECH guidelines that allows your organization to make the correct decisions while implementing Meaningful Use. TLC offers a proven complete solution that assists your organization in every step involved with receiving your EHR Incentive and in meeting the MU objectives. TLC has worked with hundreds of organizations to get this funding. TLC brings a unique balance of technology expertise with a pragmatic business understanding of the providers working environment.

Our process includes:

  •   Program Eligibility Analysis and Practice Encounter Assessment

  •   Regulatory Guidance

  •   Credentialing

  •   EP Enrolment, Registration and Attestation

  •   Meaningful Use (MU)/MIPS Deployment and Gap Analysis

  •   MU Monitoring Services

  •   Payment and Attestation Monitoring

  •   Workflow Systems Design

  •   Eligible Provider EMR Enablement and MU Training

  •   Evaluation of Speciality appropriate measures

  •   Registry Services

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