TLC provides a series of practice transformation services to assist primary care practices with the NYS PCMH process. These services are funded by the New York State Department of Health and are no charge to your practice. The services provided include the following:

"We partner with NY eHealth Collaborative as state agents."

  1. Overview of Program Benefits, Incentive Opportunities and Enrollment  -  TLC provides your practices with a thorough review all aspects of the NYS PCMH program, opportunities for incentives and assistance enrolling into the program

  2. NYS PCMH Practice Assessment  -  We provide readiness assessment, gap analysis, best practices, policies development and HIT support. This assessment also reviews the your environment and workflow changes that are necessary to meet program requirements.

  3. Project Planning for Managing NYS PCMH check-ins  -  We work with your team to determine the proper measures you can meet for the multiple check-ins required for this program. We determine the pace that your organization handle to meet the challenging goals of this program and interface with NCQA to develop this project plan.

  4. Training and Education  -  We provide a complete series coaching, training webinars, and face to face programs for support of this initiative. We also have care management training programs to help your support comprehensive care for patients.  

  5. Behavioral Health Integration  -  Our team has extensive experience working with Behavioral Health professionals and Community Based organizations to assist your practice in the complete set of elements necessary for Integrated Care.

  6. Submission Support  -  We audit documentation and submit the attestations for gaining 2017 NYS PCMH Level 3 Status.

  7. Care Coordination  -  TLC has extensive experience in assisting your practice with care/case management process for your chronically ill patients.  We have training programs and policies necessary for comply with these requirements.  



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