EHR Implementation

TechLeaders Consulting (TLC) has broad experience in implementing EHR systems allowing your organization to choose the proper solution for your individual practice’s needs. The following outlines the specific services we provide:

1Consulting and PlanningReadiness Assessment - Based on our experience and years of learning, we have devised a EHR deployment plan that forms the basis of the overall project, the key milestones as

a. Readiness assessment of the key decision makers perspective on deploying an EHR.

b. Evaluation of the total practice/agencies computer literacy.

c. Complete assessment of the entire practices IT infrastructure, manual or automated processes, user base, chart design, work flows and inputs/outputs is completed.

We then review the findings with the group's management, gain concurrence on the plan and sign off on the project objectives.

2. Project ExecutionA steering committee is chosen to keep the project on course and meet regularly to determine status.

3. Vendor Selection- Each Practice has a unique need of its own. Our services assist Practices, of all sizes, to make a structured decision on the vendor(s) chosen by them. The key is to gain a clear understanding of the organizations SMART needs and objectives and match the technology/vendor sections to those requirements. Our team offer both vendor neutral evaluations of services as well as provider of specific solutions – as per client needs.

4. EHR Implementation- Our team has extensive experience in implementing EHR systems nationally.  We have worked with over 30 EMR and PM vendors systems with assisting clients with implementation and Meaningful Use services. Our implementation process is based upon development of a detailed project plan. We provide a series of project management services assisting our clients through the installation process and post installation assessment evaluating the success of the overall project.

5. Technical Assistance with practice and site readiness- Our team provides a set of assistance capabilities from dealing with questions on the administration of PCs, assistance with EHR questions and fielding compliance issues associated with achieving Meaningful Use. As the single point of contact (for client), we eliminate the issues normally associated with multi-partner solutions. We can also provide assistance to document work flow design, assessment and redesign.  We have experts on our team that have worked extensively with the BH/DD Community nationally.

6. Hardware implementation- NST is our primary partner for implementing hardware and infrastructure solutions for clinics and private practices. They provide a complete suite of services to deliver the hardware and networking infrastructure solutions for these environments. This allows TLC to offer any number of solutions to address the full spectrum of technology requirements addressing the providers’ hardware, networking and wireless networking needs.

7. Large Scale Networking Deployment- TLC has BP relationship with Core Technologies for large scale infrastructure and support in hospitals and medical centers. This enables us to serve very large customers needing large scale IT infrastructure deployment.



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