Meaningful Use Enablement Services

A proven complete solution that assists your organization in every step involved with receiving your EHR Incentive and in meeting the MU objectives.

TechLeaders Consulting (TLC) is a leader in enabling health care practices, clinics, and agencies to achieve Meaningful Use (MU) and receive the EHR Medicare/Medicaid Incentive. We have a comprehensive understanding of all of the Federal and State HITECH guidelines that allow your organization to make the correct decisions while implementing Meaningful Use.

TLC offers a proven complete solution that assists your organization in every step involved with receiving your EHR Incentive and in meeting the MU objectives. TLC has worked with hundreds of organizations to get this funding. TLC brings a unique balance of technical expertise with a pragmatic business understanding of the providers’ working environment.

“TechLeaders Consulting has provided outstanding services in assisting my practice through the challenges of completing two years of Meaningful Use and receive our Medicare Incentive. This organization worked tirelessly to help us complete the process.”

Salil Gupta M.D

Payment and Attestation Monitoring

TLC will continually monitor the status of the attestation and payment with the NYS Medicaid EHR Incentive officials to ensure that no issues have occurred and made any corrective action necessary.

Meaningful Use (MU) Deployment and Gap Analysis

We will work with providers to develop a deployment plan for technology, selection MU Menu Set Objectives and CQM that must be completed to meet the MU criteria/objectives and meet the providers’ scope of practice quality objectives. TLC will develop a gap analysis for compliance with the requirements of MU that reviews the specific steps that must be taken to meet the Meaningful Use Stage 1. We also work with providers to assess which elements are not compliant and develop steps to address meeting the thresholds.

Eligible Provider EMR Enablement and MU Training

This is a process of training on the specific steps that must be completed within your EMR for meeting the MU thresholds. We provide custom guides and workbooks for the EP to follow.

EHR Incentive Program Eligibility Analysis and Practice Encounter Assessment

We will work with EPs, clinics, and groups to research the patient encounter volume of the organization and provider profile to enable our team to have the appropriate data necessary to make the proper choices for the incentive plan selection. This will evaluate both the provider and group patient volumes, billing elements, and eligibility criteria. Here we must analyze all billing records for the previous year and determine appropriate eligible encounters by both FFS and Managed Medicaid patients. For the Medicare program, a calculation of the incentive payment must be developed based upon previous years’ Part B Professional services billing.

Workflow Systems Design

Our team will work with providers to design an MU workflow that enables providers to successfully implement their EMR system that matches current practices processes and makes recommendations on improvements. This is a very important element for engaging providers in the process and improves the willingness to utilize the system. We have a number of workflow tools we use to analyze and document use cases.

MU Monitoring Services

TLC provides an ongoing monitor service for providers determining the providers’ status on individual MU objectives against the threshold levels that must be achieved. This in effect project manages the MU implementation process working with the lead persons at the provider organization on the status of the MU achievement.

Meaningful Use Plan Development

Develop a Plan for your Organization to be in Compliance with Ongoing Stage 2-3 MU criteria. This entails on-going research of the “real-time” changes to MU guidelines and developing a plan to comply with these requirements to receive the full value of the incentive payments. Here, we will work with government officials and committees to gain their perspective, analyze gaps to stay current with these guidelines, and determine a strategy for the client.

EP Enrollment, Registration, and Attestation

TLC will work with EPs and organizations to properly sign up EPs and link their NPIs, Medicaid IDs and TINs to the organizational TIN so that payment is properly assigned to a group without any income tax implications to the provider. TLC provides step by step guidance for enabling them to properly enroll, register and attest for both Medicaid AIU and MU processes. We also have a similar process for Medicare MU registration and attestation. We assist the providers and practices to switch all elements of the attestation process outlining in the specific MU objective compliance elements.

Quarterly Audits on Our Recommendations

To Qualifying Customers, we provide optional quarterly audits on our recommendation baseline. This is very useful to those who really value compliance posture and believe that they need to truly secure themselves against the vagaries of the legal world.

  • Alignment workshop
  • On-site Auditing & Gap Analysis
  • Recommendation Workshop
  • Retained off-site consultation
  • Quarterly review TLC offers these bundled as well as optional items, so the client can decide the mix of use of in-house IT team and TLC resources

Security Risk and Assessment

Our unique approach combines initial socialization of the program within your organization, through workshops and awareness programs. This is followed by an intense on-site audit – at the physical layer, user layer, IT device layers, practice location security policies, and procedure, and personnel/vendor policies. These findings are then integrated with the compliance requirements to derive a gap analysis. Our reports are not only useful for clients to see a snapshot of their security posture today but also on an on-going basis. Customers are then presented with recommendations. We also understand that some may require some sustained consulting – after the project as well. We also have included an effective component in our solution that enables them to reach out to our security industry experts.

Eligible Provider (EP) Awareness Program and Updates to Employment Materials

TLC has developed a process to review the guidelines of the EMR Incentive program with each provider explaining the specific factors that are associated with their attestation and reviewing the provisions associated with assigning the payment. TLC will also provide you with sample employment agreements/materials that cover the specific issues that are tied to this program.


TLC has an extremely extensive credentialing service that enables EPs, groups, clinics, and agencies to be properly credentialed so they actually will qualify for either the Medicaid or Medicare Incentive Programs. Each of these programs has numerous credentialing requirements that are not always in place even though providers and agencies are successfully billing for other services. TLC has a unique understanding of how to comply with these guidelines to enable the proper reassignment of payment to meet the requirements of the HITECH Act and the EHR Incentive Program. TLC is one of the few organizations that have successfully enabled practices and agencies to reassign EPs payments to groups/clinics where they practice for the NYS Medicaid EHR Program.

We also offer a service for providers to complete the extensive CAQH credentialing process that is required to receive a Medicaid ID. This process requires working with providers on over seventy questions that must be completing and collecting all necessary license information for concluding the application. This process also requires several months of monitoring the status of the provider’s Medicaid application with state agencies. In addition to these elements, we offer expertise with revalidating Medicare IDs that become an issue quite often in the process of registering for the EHR Incentive.