Security Competency

Security risks are higher than ever

Our unique approach combines initial socialization of the program within your organization, through workshops and awareness programs.

This is followed by an intense on-site audit of your technology determining the security of your physical, user, and IT device layers. It also analyzes your practice location security policies and personnel procedures and vendor policies. These findings are then integrated with the compliance requirements to derive a gap analysis.

Our reports are not only useful for clients to see a snapshot of their security posture today but also on an on-going basis. Customers are then presented with recommendations. We also understand that some may require some sustained consulting – after the project as well. We also have included an effective component in our solution that enables them to reach out to our security industry experts.

To Qualifying Customers – we also proposed an optional quarterly audit on our recommendation baseline. This is very useful to those who really value compliance posture and believe that they need to truly secure themselves against the vagaries of the legal world.

  • Alignment Workshop
  • On-site Auditing & Gap Analysis
  • Recommendation Workshop
  • Retained Off-site Consultation

“TechLeaders Consulting has provided outstanding support for the last 6 years to Long Island ENT Associates in delivering HIT, IT Services, Remote Office, and Health Care Consulting services.”

Jay Youngerman
CEO and MD Long Island ENT Associates